Monday, April 21, 2008

My GG version (Full of Fags)

Since day one, I was totally amazed on how i was surrounded with fags. I have lots of question in my mind -- how can these people stand what they're doing or maybe they lack of attention -- or could be jealous to people who achieve much more on what they have achieved. I really can't stand what they're doing.

Last few weeks ago, i was reading this very controversial blog --- controversial indeed. With that, i can think that these fags surrounding me can be compared to these GG's that Brian Gorell described.

I'm just hoping that one day, these GG's (my local version) will find peace in mind and change for the better. If they continue to be like that, then it's really a serious behavioral problem -- like a friend told me -- they're just jealous.

To my so-called GG's --- mamatay kayo sa inggit!!