Friday, June 26, 2009

Five good reasons why you should purchase from ATNZ

According to IMVDA’s recent report, used-vehicle registrations have persistently fallen.

The global struggle continues to loom and to survive the recession, dealers must only transact with a reputable source. New Zealand (ATNZ) is New Zealand’s largest wholesaler of used Japanese imports and why wouldn’t it be?

Here are 5 reasons why ATNZ is the best:

* E2E quality assurance
E2E or end to end is ATNZ’s stringent quality control system. You are assured that all vehicles have gone through: accident and damage inspections, full interior and exterior cleaning, odometer certification, stolen vehicle check, MAF inspections, mechanical inspections, WOF compliance, mechanical inspections and grooming.

* Massive used vehicle inventory
ATNZ’s got over 4,000+ quality used vehicles for you to choose from. Not only that; if you haven’t found what you’ve been looking for, you may pre order and let ATNZ find it for you.

* Specials sent straight to your inbox
Signing up is free and you can receive hot bargains and fresh imports via email.

* Delivery service
You don’t have to move a muscle. For an added fee, ATNZ can arrange the delivery of your vehicles.

* Unparalleled 24/7 customer assistance
You can chat, skype or email an ATNZ representative any time.

Amalia M. Aviles
Autoterminal New Zealand

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 10 Favorite Used Vehicles in New Zealand

If you are considering importing or purchasing used Japanese vehicles, check out the top 10 used vehicles in NZ.

Over 4,000 used vehicles may be found at (for dealers) and (for retail). Both websites integrated the E2E or End to End Quality Control System. Vehicles have been through stringent inspections, MAF, stolen vehicle checks, odometer certification, WOF compliance, panel and paint when needed and grooming.

Note: This list was taken from AutoMedia eMagazine (May ’09 edition) and based on used vehicle registrations YTD (year to date).

General reviews were taken online from various customers who have posted their feedback on the listed vehicles.

1. Subaru Legacy
General reviews: “Targeted at consumers who want a combination of safety, reliability, and interior comfort.”

2. Toyota Vitz
General reviews: “fun to drive. Pros- fuel economy; Cons- Nothing really.”

3. Honda Odyssey
General reviews: “Most drivers expect that by staying with the regular maintenance schedule, this minivan will run dependably for a very long time. It has excellent fuel efficiency, low emissions, and with the back seat folded down, tremendous cargo space.”

4. Toyota Estima
General reviews: “If your lifestyle demands an eight-seater vehicle but you can't bear the thought of driving something that looks like a van, then the Estima’s for you.”

5. Toyota Corolla
General reviews: “With comfortable roomy interior, smooth ride, good safety ratings and excellent fuel economy, the 2003-2008 Corolla is one of the top picks in a small family car category.”

6. Mazda Familia
General reviews: “Plus points are good reliability and build quality and a roomy, well equipped cabin. It's also pleasant to drive..”

7. Toyota Altezza
General reviews: “It's one of the better handling cars which was a pleasure to drive. A real driver's car; awesome steering feel and response.”

8. Subaru Impreza
General reviews: “..the WRX delivers adequate comfort with the best performance (handling, acceleration)..An excellent second hand buy for people looking for something a bit different.”

9. Mazda Atenza
General reviews: “Very comfortable ride. Very smooth and classic lines to the eye, looks interesting not drab like others.”

10. Nissan Primera
General reviews: ” Great performance for the class. Excellent reliability, performance and handling.”

Amalia M. Aviles
Autoterminal New Zealand