Wednesday, July 30, 2008

happy 2 years, baby!

happy bday jeb-jeb
happy bday jeb-jeb

happy bday, happy bday

happy bday jeb-jeb

hapi burtdee dong-dong..

miss kana ni to-to!!!
go home na sa ato ha.. luv u baby

lazzzyyy ass

It was drizzling when i got up this morning, the bed as so inviting i couldn't help it but i need to get up and fix. so i went to take bath, brushed my teeth, get dressed and drink & ate my breakfast. it was still drizzling when I'm about to go out. My hubby told me that he will drop me somewhere near Basak, i refuse and instead told him "sa shell nlng langga -- so you can go back to sleep".

I'm not in the mood of anything all i wanna do is to lay back to my bed -- i'm so sleepy, my back aches, i keep on sneezing -- it's just a boring day... sus bday pa namn ni Jeb2x ko i miss that botchok of ours, hope to see him soon.

also, i wanna hear good news from my clients.. gggaaaddd i just need some good funds for the next few days.. iL be temporarily renovate the old house and lot we bought. i want those leech out of my place. heheh sorry for being so mean but these people are more mean than i do. i just want to give some lessons.. ehehehPublish Post