Thursday, May 20, 2010

Final 2 in American Idol Season 9

For the past 2 years I've been hoooked up watching this reality tv show. I always have my bets during audition to the top 12 down to top 3. Bets always been in the top 3 but never been the American Idol. Now, watching season 9, two of the best bets i have were now be fighting for the crown.

Crystal was my first choice but now i'm betting for Lee to be the next American Idol for this season. wwooohhoo...

As per results for the top 3 performance last night, Lee declared safe first. Crystal is next. And, of course Casey James is going home tonight. He sang "Daugther" last night but didn't sing it well or maybe its just not his spot to be in the top 2. but geezzz being in the top 3 is something that he should be proud of. I know everything had happen to them are surreal.

Goodluck to Crystal and Lee on the next round. Finals next week -- cant wait!!

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