Friday, January 21, 2011

American Idol Season 10's First episode

AI Season 10 is here.. wooohooooo i like, i like --

i started watching AI since 2007, i know, i know I'm a late bloomer and since then year after year I wait and watch for the next season and part of it is to jot down my top bet list from auditions to finals.

As Season 10 starts auditioning in NJ, 51 hopefuls went through and i have 10 names with me now for my list but 4 of them moved me and made me drop some tears. Among the 4, I love the most the story of Melinda Ademi who came to US whose family were war refugee while Travis Orlando lives in a craziest place in New York, Bronx.

A Japanese national auditioned, Yuji Asano a.k.a Yuji Pop -- he was really funny. There's one who didn't make it through fell down in the stairs. I always love the bloopers they have in AI.

weeeeeeee til next epi.. can't wait, can't wait...


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Friday, January 14, 2011

sicken sikol

it always amaze me when my 2yr old boy talks to me..

this morning

yael: mami, watch ko sicken sikol..
me: nyahahahah sicken sikol, its chicken little man dodong - "Chi, Chicken, Litol"
yael : chicken sikol, chicken sikol mami please. - watch yael sicken sikol

bang.. balik sugod napud..


Monday, January 10, 2011

Morning Rides!

Happy New Year!! It's been a while I haven't posted anything here. It's 2011 and its time to blog from time to time. :)

I usually take PUJ every morning from 44E to 12L to 14D/06B/07D that's my usual route. And make it to a point to sit between to ladies to more secured, you know nman it's hard to commute nowadays. By doing so, I came across with lots of things. Some are some kinda gross just like what happened earlier on my way to the office. A girl sat on my left side since someone already seated on my right. She's pretty, long hair, nice eyelash and well groomed BUT when I glanced on her hair -- BANG --- she got LICE.. kalerky.. super minus.. makabuang man ni oi..