Thursday, May 29, 2008

today's bloopers

I was kinda late today, i came in 632am already. So as i sat in my chair - do my morning ritual, checked emails, news, social network sites, updates, and the like. A bit later a colleague arrived, haven't noticed him or maybe i just don't mind at all. And another one came in, my seatmate, then she blurted out on what had happened to her on her way to the office -- taaaddaaa she rode the wrong route going here in the office. Funny coz i almost do the same before i was commuting. Then couple of people came and there's Mr. J, noticed Mr. A's shirt, called another colleague -- "bai! bai! awa ra gud ni xa" then we laughed out loud coz Mr. A wore his shirt the wrong way. Imagine him from his place going to the office -- rode a public utility vehicle on his shirt inverted. tehehehehe. funny but its true. I wonder how his co-passenger/s comments bout it. peace mr. A.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

post #2: the cheater

dear dork,

i heard..i heard... how could you!! how could you do that -- how could u cheat on her when all i hear from you -- from fon to the one in the net that you love her much---so much, you sure?? (ulllkkk -- ko da.) -- cheating and fooling somebody else murag lahi ra jud -- urggghhh... wish ko lang mabaslan ka soon -- you'll have ur time soon and when that time comes -- i tell you it wont be pretty.

just like my fave phrase in this song "one day soon its going to happen to you and when it does it wont be pretty"

i cant wait for that day to happen. goodluck dork!


gossip girl

post #1: the jerker

dear dork,

since then find u so primitive in this working world. i dont know what's wrong with you guys. -- its been a while since u pissed me off -- you strained it. we wonder whats the reason behind all this. it gives me goosebumps everytime i hear you whispering over the phone -- ewww.. if only others could hear you -- you really sounds like a jerk.. ohhh noh its not so you... swear you really have a mask on your face --- haven't you noticed that or gusto ka dapugon taka.. whahahah.. you fool

til next ish...


gossip girl

Monday, May 19, 2008

new series

lately, i've been watching this new tv series == gossip girl. it's really nice and i love watching it. i love the characters and how they portray their individual roles. i admire most the narrator -- i like her suppppper...

watch out2x mga peeps


gossip girl

Monday, May 12, 2008

AUTOTERMINAL.COM SOUTH AMERICA REINFORCES QUALITY CONTROL PROCEDURES South (ATSAM) has added Stolen Vehicle Check to complement its already stringent quality control procedures.

This latest procedure protects ATSAM’s customers from acquiring illegally imported cars. The Interpol recently intensified its campaign to curb on the influx of illegal cars and catch unscrupulous traders.

ATSAM has more than 450 delivery-ready LHD and RHD vehicles located at its inventory center in Iquique, Chile.

Each of these vehicles undergoes full ownership history checks. Previous ownerships are verifiable through official land transportation databases in Japan and USA, or any of the source countries.

ATSAM guarantees its customers all rights and compensation provided for under Japanese law, in the unlikely event a customer have acquired an illegally imported car.

Before ATSAM vehicles arrive in Chile, they undergo thorough inspections in a modern facility of ATSAM’s supplier, IBC Japan, for any mechanical or exterior damage.

Only vehicles that meet IBC Japan export standards get the Auto Terminal Seal of Quality.

Customers could look at detailed pictures of these vehicles at South America.

AUTOTERMINAL.COM SOUTH AMERICA NOW OFFERS ORIGINAL LEFT-HAND DRIVE VEHICLES FROM THE U.S. South America (ATSAM) recently received delivery of more than 70 units of original left-hand drive (LHD) vehicles.

Included in the shipment were best-selling LHD brands in America like Honda, Toyota, Hummer, GMC, Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lincoln, Dodge, Infiniti, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

These vehicles are quality pre-owned units sourced from the US that have not undergone any steering conversion procedures. Faulty steering conversions affects the vehicle’s safety grade, decreases its performance and road-worthiness.

This is welcome news for South Americans in the Caribbean, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay, who drive LHD vehicles. With an abundant stock of LHD vehicles to choose from, they get premium on purchases without compromising safety.

ATSAM maintains a distribution hub for South America in Iquique, Chile and has more than 450 ready-for-delivery vehicles in its yard located in v. Salitrera Victoria Mz E Sitio 48-B, Barrio Industrial Zofri Iquique, Chile.

Customers could check these vehicles – complete with details and pictures – at South America.

ATSAM is part of the group, a leading global distributor of quality used vehicles sourced from Japan, USA, Singapore and Thailand. It maintains inventory centers not only South America but also in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe and New Zealand.