Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beating recession with pre-owned vehicles

It cannot be argued that these are difficult times. From big corporations to small business-owners to individuals, everybody is feeling the credit crunch.

A car is an expensive acquisition second only to buying a house. But amid the global financial crisis, we still need a vehicle to take us from place to place, something to use either personally or for business purposes.

It is perfectly understandable that consumers are reluctant to dig into their pockets for their hard-earned cash in these trying times. But what is the answer for this? What if you really need a car but can’t seem to justify the expense?

Buying a used car would be a good idea.

Not convinced? What follows are several points that, hopefully by the end of this article, might change your mind.

Just remember that the most important thing you should consider is that someone affected by recession, someone who absolutely needs a car, is more likely to buy used than new. Why?

Here are but a few reasons:

When you buy a pre-owned car, you avoid overpayment

With the economy in bad shape, the first ones to feel it are new car manufacturers and, in turn, new car dealerships. They would be the last to admit it, but car salesmen will most probably jack-up the price of their cars to add their own personal fee to the total price you pay.

When you buy a pre-owned car, you own it outright

One sage advice during a recession is to own things outright to avoid monthly payments. During lean economic times, it is easy to get behind on your monthly payments and this can ruin your credit history. It’s much easier and wiser to purchase a pre-owned vehicle outright than it is a new one.

When you buy a used car, you save on insurance and taxes

When buying a new car during a recession, you will probably end up paying a huge amount of money for both the vehicle insurance and taxes. This will eventually add up to your monthly bills. However, if you choose to buy a pre-owned vehicle, the tax and insurance payments will be minimal.

Because most of us are already tightening our belts amid hard economic times, it’s just not a good idea to add to our financial worries.

With this said, it’s pretty safe to say that buying a pre-owned vehicle during a recession is one of the best decisions you might make.

ATNZ reinforces safety and reliability with its new End to End Quality Control System

New Zealand, 6 May 2009 New Zealand (ATNZ) proudly announces its new End to End quality control system or E2E.

E2E is an intensive quality control system comprised of vehicle history checks, mechanical and structural inspections, compliance, panel and paint when needed and finally, a full interior and exterior groom on all imported vehicles.

ATNZ has appointed certified technicians and partnered with reputable agencies namely: AA New Zealand and VSS (Vehicle Safety Systems) to ensure all vehicles not only meet NZTA standards, but exceed them.

The whole process covers the full inspection and verification of the vehicle's status in Japan, the expertise and experience used in shipping, and MAF inspection services both in Japan and New Zealand. The new E2E quality control system also incorporates the ISO 17020 system. Once the vehicles have arrived at ATNZ's inspection sites throughout New Zealand, which includes the new 6500 square metre Auckland workshop facility, the E2E process continues to ensure vehicles reach ATNZ customers yard ready and to the highest standard, this means all AutoTerminal vehicles can be sold with complete confidence.

ATNZ is the largest wholesaler of used vehicle imports in New Zealand, it caters to registered motor vehicle traders and has an extensive inventory of over 4,000 used Japanese vehicle imports. ATNZ has 5 branches across New Zealand in Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington.

To know more or view the stocks of ATNZ, log on to or call 09 257 0070.