Thursday, March 19, 2009

Found the lost TARSIER

I really admire how this colleague/friend designs -- i totally adore her passion in making digital designs. Once done making those, she usually uploaded it to her money making site or to her other blogs -- just to show what she made for the day or during idle time.

Last week, Maya and I wondered that Darlene was not around for a couple of hours but as she showed up a little bit later after lunch -- there she shared how her Tarsier found in Cagayan de Oro by her friend who just came back from the said place. Mayged, the NERVE of this Marky_420 guy -- who STOLE my friends artwork with no cost at all and now he cant even share the winning prize he got from the contest of this particular company -- shei corporation, a filipino fashion company.

I wanted to post their conversation here, but Darlene asked not to post it yet. You may check Darlene's blog for the full details of what happened.

To you Mark Daven -- can u just go to hell -- and hope its true that you used the money for your "wife's" delivery. -- hope this is not a very lame excuse.

By the way -- here's the creative work by Darlene thats being stolen.

Logo contest details-

Online accounts of the so-called ONLINE THIEF - Mark Daven

to All pls beware of this guy.
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